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About Our Business

Who am I?  Small yet driven. I started this journey with my degree in network security, made ends meat as a market manager, sales. In my spare time, I’ve created business logos, websites, web content for local businesses and loved being part of their journey and my own. I have an amazing network of creators who excel with communication and design. We create ideas and solutions to take advantage of creative opportunities. I’ve worked with startups, rebranding businesses, and repeat clients. I am progressive and welcome change. I am and we are The Newtonian Group.

Why Me? I believe in building an environment that breeds opportunity and encourages people to be the best version of themselves. From achieving personal success to lifting others up to do the same, we all rise together. I help people achieve their goals and then some. My mission is centered around concise communication. I believe in doing what you love and encouraging others to do the same. Whatever direction you're headed, you'll find talented, driven, and passionate members of the TNG team creating meaningful work.